Milo Johnson Auto Body Escondido's Premiere Body Shop

History Of Milo Johnson Automotive Service, Inc.

Painting of Marvin Johnson Painting of Milo Johnson - Founder of Milo Johnson Automotive Painting of Bernice Johnson Painting of Bob Johnson
1945 Milo Johnson opens 1st shop in Escondido at 137 W. Ohio (now Valley Parkway).
1950 Wife, Bernice “Mrs. J.” joins the business as the bookeeper.
1957 Son, Bob Johnson joins the business specializing in body repair and painting.
1958 Son, Marvin Johnson joins the business specializing in frame and suspension repair.
1959 Moved to larger quarters at 415 N. Escondido Blvd. (Current site of California Center for the Arts, Escondido)
1964 Milo Johnson retires (6 employees at the time)
      Bob Johnson becomes General Manager
      Marvin Johnson becomes Front End Department Manager.
1970 Business was Incorporated:
      Milo Johnson elected Prisident
      Bernice Johnson elected Vice-President
      Bob Johnson elected Secretary
      Marvin Johnson elected Treasurer
1971 Moved to current location at 535 N. Quince Street with 17 employess.
1972 Corporation Stock purchased by Marvin and Bob.
      Bob was elected President
      Milo was elected Vice President
      Bernice was elected Vice Presidents
      Marvin was elected Secretary/Treasurer
1974 "Mrs. J." passed away
1982 Grandson Jeff joined the business (14 employees)
1983 Milo passed away July 4th
1987 Jeff Johnson became Body Shop Foreman (13 emloyees)
1989 Jeff Johnson became Body Shop Manager (15 employees)
1998 Marvin retired
      Jeff became Vice President and General Manager
      Pam Alto (employee since 1981) became Corporate Secretary
2005 Jeff's wife, Cathy Johnson joins business
2010 Bob retired
      Jeff was elected President of the Corporation
      Bob was elected Vice President
      Pam was elected Secretary